Introduction Greetings, and thanks for visiting my website!

This is a web site dedicated to the World's Greatest Show Birds, the Pigmy & English Pouter. I am a devoted breeder, exhibitor and promoter of these two breeds, having won many show championships, Master Breeder awards and my continued efforts to support, encourage and promote the highest standards of quality in breeding, husbandry and showmanship.

On these pages you will find details about myself and my hobby, pictures of my birds, occasional articles, club information and items of interest to the Pouter Fancy. Most importantly, I am excited to promote this hobby and my breeds to my fellow fanciers and look forward to your emails and correspondence. Making new contacts, assisting new fanciers and promoting these wonderful breeds is the main goal of this site. The continued preservation of these two breeds in the highest quality is my dearest wish, and that all fanciers who would like to become involved with Pigmy or English (or both!) have the opportunity to do so.  It is preferable to contact me by telephone at 416-694-3939!

Thanks again, and please enjoy my web site!

- Laszlo Fedor